Five Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

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Five Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

It’s always nice to get away for a little while. Traveling is a great way to experience different cultures, expand your horizons, and take a bit of a break from day-to-day stresses. However, traveling can be dangerous if you’re not careful. In fact, as a tourist or guest in a new place, you may be at an increased risk of suffering an injury.

The best way to avoid an accident and injury is by being prepared. Here are five tips that can help to keep you safe while traveling.

1. Take Advantage of Public Transportation

Driving may be your preferred method of transportation, but it can be good to consider alternatives while you’re traveling. This is particularly true if you’re unfamiliar with the area you’re visiting. You’ll have to dedicate all of your attention to the road and try to navigate from one place to another. Since you’re visiting, you probably aren’t familiar with local laws and traffic customs. This can be dangerous and, in certain cases, even cause an accident.

You’re also more likely to be distracted if you’re driving while on vacation. Your GPS will shift your eyes from the road. Local attractions and history can divert your attention. It can also take some time to figure out how to operate your rental. All of these things can contribute to an accident.

Taking public transportation, calling a cab, or arranging for an Uber can help you get around a new city safely. According to Sherwin Arzani, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who handles tourist cases throughout the US, cites one study even found that you can reduce the risk of an accident by 90 percent when you choose to take public transportation instead of driving. He puts it simply, “You can take in the sights and sounds without having to worry about the route you’re traveling.”

2. Take the Path Most Frequently Traveled

Vacation isn’t the time to blaze new paths. If you’re walking in a strange city you should stick to the paths that are frequently traveled. Don’t take a shortcut that leads you down a dark alley.

Avoid stretches of road that aren’t well lit. Try to stay in areas that are built up and frequented by others. Why? Tourists can stand out in a crowd. Tourists also tend to carry case and expensive personal belongings with them.

As a result, tourists are often targets of thieves and pickpockets. You can reduce your risk of being injured in a violent robbery or attack by taking the past most frequently traveled.

3. Drink Responsibly

When you’re on vacation you’ll probably want to let loose and enjoy yourself. Most cities have plenty of restaurants, bars, breweries, and clubs to choose from.

Other, like Oakland Park, hold festivals where residents and tourists can enjoy a few beers together. It’s important to remember that you’re traveling and mostly unfamiliar with your destination.

If you don’t drink responsibly you may put yourself and others in danger. Drinking too much can impair your senses. You could easily lose your balance and fall into traffic or hurt yourself in another way. Drinking can also prevent you from remembering where you’re staying or how to get there. You could wander into a part of town that’s not particularly safe.

4. Plan Out Your Trip In Advance

The best way to see a new city is by researching and preparing an itinerary in advance. Rather than scrambling to make a plan and see local sights, you can have your day mapped out ahead of time. You’ll know which sights you want to see, where they’re located, and how to get there. Mapping out your schedule in advance can also help to ensure that you use your time wisely.

This strategy can also help to keep you safe while you’re traveling. Research can tell you where the safest neighborhoods and hotels are located. Reviews on sites like Yelp! and Google can help you avoid unsanitary restaurants and identify the best ways to get around the city. A quick study of a map can help you identify police stations and hospitals. You’ll also limit the possibility of getting lost if you take some time to familiarize yourself with the area you’ll be visiting.

5. Pay Attention

The best way to stay safe is by simply paying attention. Many accidents and injuries happen because we become complacent and/or distracted. In fact, studies have shown that an increasing number of accidents are caused by distracted pedestrians. Rather than paying attention, pedestrians are honed in on their screens. Many also wear headphones that prevent them from hearing the outside world. When you’re traveling, it’s easy to get lost in the map on your phone or in an app searching for a place to eat. As a result, it’s easy to wander into or simply bolt right out into traffic.

So, always know where you are. Know your surroundings. Be aware of others around you. Read safety signs and notices. Pay attention to traffic. Keep an eye on your family. Be alert. You can prevent a lot of accidents and injuries if you pay attention.

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