Major Changes Coming to Downtown Oakland Park

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Major Changes Coming to Downtown Oakland Park

Major Changes Coming to Downtown Oakland Park

In Oakland Park, plans are underway to make the city a visible destination in South Florida. The city has named a developer to erect a mixed-use architectural project that will span a large area. 

The project will include commercial, residential, and public spaces. It will also include a proposed commuter train station. This station would sit along the Florida East Coast Railway line.

A Unanimous Vote to Move Forward

In March of 2022, the Oakland Park city commission voted unanimously to approve the following teams to oversee the project: 

  • Falcone Group from Boca Raton
  • Kaufman Lynn Construction from Delray Beach 

These construction teams will be tasked with redeveloping six acres in the city to fulfill specific functions. The area that will be redeveloped runs parallel to Dixie Highway along Northeast 12th Avenue. This location is just south of the Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park. 

The city of Oakland Park has been attempting to create a distinct culture that will draw visitors and tourists to South Florida. This project is the latest way in which the city can promote activities with a laid-back and relaxed feel. 

The Falcone Group is also a co-developer of the Miami WorldCenter. This is an enormous structure in the middle of downtown Miami. They are also charged with building a mixed-use project called the “Plantation Walk” in West Broward

Now that the developers have been approved, the commission will begin the process of negotiating a contract for the project.

Plans for Downtown Oakland Park

Downtown Oakland Park has always had a small-town feel coupled with some of the familiar amenities of a city. This new construction project is intended to retain the small-town charm while bringing the city new attractions and features.  

One of the buildings will include 56 apartments and eight multi-use residential and business spaces. Another planned building will have 22 townhouse units. Finally, the companies will oversee the construction of a six-story building containing: 

  • 190 residential units
  • Retail spaces on the ground floor
  • An amenity deck with a swimming pool
  • A parking garage capable of accommodating 550 vehicles 

These structures are going to be designed to further promote the community. Other developers submitted proposals for the project and were rejected. The city commission judged the proposals based on the following factors: 

  • Architectural design features
  • Commercial and residential concepts
  • Parking availability
  • Streetscape designs
  • Incorporation of the proposed train station
  • Preservation and growth of urban green spaces
  • And more 

There is also a historical ficus tree in downtown Oakland Park. The city commission insisted that the tree be preserved in all eligible project designs.

The Train Station

The city of Oakland Park has been attempting to garner a stop on the Florida East Coast Railway line for years. In 2021, the Florida Department of Transportation made Oakland Park a candidate city for a stop on a proposed commuter rail line. This proposed line is called the “Coastal Link.”  

While the city is trying to secure a stop on the rail line, it will not become a reality for several years at least. Still, the development of this new mixed-use project will take the possibility of rail travel into account. 

The Larger Goal of the Redevelopment

In recent years, Oakland Park has been attempting to increase activity in the low-rise business district that runs along Northeast 12th Avenue. To do this, the project would relocate City Hall and other buildings. 

While this project will encourage visitors, it will also provide residential housing and encourage the growth of local businesses. City officials claim that this redevelopment will support economic growth, entrepreneurship, and community activities.

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